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I Am Your New Password

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Because passwords have feelings too


I'm your new password
Im here to keep you safe
From the evils of the world

I'm your new password
Don't test me
Nobody's gonna guess me


I hope you don't forget me
Better keep me written down
In a little black book that you keep in a secret place

I come from a memory
Of a high school mascot
From a trip to Spain
Combined with the year that you were born

I'm your new password
I'm kind of like the old password
But I've got one letter changed


One letter is changed
One letter is different
And that makes all the difference
To keep the wolves at bay


I’m your new password
You know
Together we can change the world

You can verify me
They’ll never get by me
I will stay on guard
I will frustrate all attempts

I have a special symbol
Got a special character
A special character
No one can know

I'm your new password
I thought i was the last word
The last one you would ever need

I get the feeling you're gonna forget me
I feel like you just met me

Now you have to reset me