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Privileges and Pain


Must be some kind of bad connection
When the wheels come off
Make the wheels come off

Hands up past due for a call to nations
An abomination

And the wheels come off

Everyone just the same as you
When the world moves in on you

And the wheels come off

Some kind of funny connection

And I feel hope
People promenade
Music starts to play
Should I be in this conversation

But this wont go away
And its the same everyday

Looking for connection

Who feels like showing up today

Clap hands for the soul of a nation
A method for creation

Then the wheels will come off

Obsessing and reflecting
Privileges and pain
stand by for the demonstration

I took my privilege to the bank and i got front row seating

For all the demonstrations out here on display
People walking people talking i just kept on reading

Reflection getting in my way - hey

We want to shake up all the takers now were angry baby

We try to work out just what part we have to play

We started trouble
Now were stuck up in our bubble baby

Somebody help us cause we don't know what to say

When the wheels come off
It’s a cause for celebration
A demonstration
Somethings got to change
Fix that bad connection
Make a course correction
And let’s show up, slow up this pain